#16: The Wasp Factory (Iain Banks)

Re-reading this after fifteen years (according to the receipt I found tucked into the slim paperback) makes it a little difficult to rate. Even though all that time had passed, I did not forget the main twist, so reading the book expecting that made it a different experience than the first time. Still, there were things I had forgotten or misremembered — for example, What Happened to Eric — that still surprised me. It’s hard to imagine the furor over the book’s contents, given that I’ve read much more graphic things.

It’s a shame that the book’s direct message was muddied by that remembrance, and then by an on-the-nose ending that clunks more than a little bit. Still, I remember the impact of the last 20 pages from the first time I read it, and thus, rated 5.

On to Walking on Glass, which I haven’t read before.

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