#24: Orca (Steven Brust)

I tend to use scraps of paper for bookmarks, so sometimes re-reading books is a little like opening a time capsule. Tucked into the pages of Orca I found a TANK bus transfer, meaning that I was reading it around the time I was taking the bus to work every day at the F— campus in northern Kentucky, which puts it at what, 16 years ago? I got a lot of reading done on the bus, and since it stopped at the bottom of the hill I also got a good deal of exercise hiking up to the building where I worked, especially when it snowed.

Because of this bookmark, I know that I read Orca… but I didn’t remember it at all. Kind of a trend with me and these books.

Brust plays with the narration once again — this one is all from the viewpoint of Kiera the thief, as she talks with Vlad, listens to him tell stories about what he’s done, and tells the entire story (well, almost) to Cawti. Vlad and Kiera are working together to investigate an apparent conspiracy; the reason why they have to find out is all wrapped up in the story from Athyra.

I don’t often use spoiler tags, because I don’t often talk about the plots of books except in the most general way, but this time I have to because any book that can make me shout “What? WHAT?” twice in the last five pages deserves extra recognition.

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