#17: Taltos (Steven Brust)

The Vlad Taltos books kind of drift in time, teasing us with details revealed later. This book kind of plays with that idea, presenting three separate timelines (the main story, of Vlad’s trip to the Paths of the Dead; the usual flashbacks of how Vlad got where he is today; a flash-forward sequence at the beginning of each chapter where Vlad is performing a witchcraft ritual) that all eventually dovetail together into what could have been one straightforward story. Well, more or less. As usual, small things recall things in other books, and seeds for future revelations are doubtlessly planted.

This is also a book with a lot of firsts in it. The number of established characters Vlad meets for the first time through these storylines is pretty high, as well as one important non-character.

Still fun. Going to take a small break from the series now to prevent burnout.

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