I am almost finished with The Neutronium Alchemist, but I had to say something about this.

When I was reading Judas Unchained, I was dismayed at the way the climax of the story was brought to a screeching halt by a long car chase. While they are exciting in cinema because of all the speed and motion, car chases told from specific character viewpoints are not, because the characters are limited to being in their cars, driving. The stuff before, after and during the car chase was exciting, as befitted the big ending setpiece in the book, but my God! the endless driving!

Imagine my surprise when The Neutronium Alchemist bogged down in a car chase — kind of the prototypical kid brother of the same scene in Judas. It’s over much sooner, but its impact is the same; excitement before, excitement after, taffy between.

At least Hamilton got it out of his system before the Void books.

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