#45: Lake of the Long Sun (Gene Wolfe)

Another book, another couple of days in the story of Silk.

I’m going to write about the Long Sun after I finish the entire set. This is here mostly because I finished this one last year, and for some statistical woolgathering.

45 books this year, 5 short of my 50. I blame the iPod Touch and eating breakfast at my desk at work.

I started the 50-book-challenge in 1995. The yearly totals:

2010: 45
2009: 42 (ending with a different Gene Wolfe, Urth of the New Sun)
2008: 70
2007: 33 (estimated — no count, fuzzy year borders, acknowledgement of skipping a few books)
2006: 57 (no count)
2005: 50 (error in numbering)
2004: 47 (no count, acknowledgement &c)

Wow. It’s really been six years and change that I’ve been doing this… onward to the new year!

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