Insomnia (Stephen King)

I’m a soft touch, an easy mark. I’m the one who sniffles at movies, and it’s really easy to make me sad about any characters I’ve spent some time involved with. I got up to wash my face twice in the last twenty pages of this book.

My second time through this book, which is essentialy an extended side-story to the Dark Tower, though entertaining enough to be read on its own. Not one of the best books ever– not even one of King’s best, meandering and messy at times, and over-long by about a third– but… but… like I said to someone when I started it, sometimes sitting down with a King book is like settling in for a long conversation with an old friend. You’ve talked with him plenty before, and even maybe had the same conversation before– but that doesn’t matter; you know him and the way he talks and the whole thing is somehow comfortable.

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