Death Masks (Jim Butcher)

Fifth in the “Dresden Files” series by Butcher. Harry Dresden is a professional wizard in Chicago, kind of a supernatural private investigator. He helps out the police — the Special Investigations unit — from time to time, when he’s not getting into magic-related problems of his own.

Yeah, sounds a lot like Anita Blake to me, too, and reads a lot like it from time to time. However, this series has ever-escalating danger levels without the ever-escalating hero power levels that have almost destroyed the fun of the Anitaverse. (And there’s a lot less sex, and what there is is less graphically described, as well.)

My favorite character is still Bob the talking skull, so I was very frustrated when he goes into a dangerous situation in this book, is hurt — and then is never mentioned again. What’s up with that? It’s like Harry’s more worried about his fucking coat than his assistant…

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